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The Tent

Jun 17, 2021

This week on “The Tent,” Texas state Reps. Trey Martinez Fischer (D) and Gina Hinojosa (D) join the pod to talk about the struggle for voting rights in Texas, their trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with Democrats in the U.S. Senate and Vice President Kamala Harris, and how they hope to see democracy protected in America. Plus, Jesse and Daniella reflect on President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe and the ongoing infrastructure negotiations.


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Here are some helpful links for this week’s episode:

“Vice President Kamala Harris says Texas is key example of why a new federal elections law is needed” via The Texas Tribune

“'Hoping to light a fire,' Texas Democrats seek to build momentum from walkout” via the Austin American-Statesman

“Texas Democrats Are Pressing Their Congressional Counterparts To Expand Voting Rights” via KUT 90.5

“4 takeaways from the Biden-Putin summit” via The Washington Post