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The Tent

Sep 12, 2019

Another cabinet official, no longer in the president's good graces, gets kicked to the curb.

Another hurricane, juiced with a warming planet's waters, devastates another island nation.

Another debate stage, smaller in size, welcomes a cast of presidential hopefuls.

In the first full episode of The Tent, hosts Daniella Gibbs Léger and Ed Chung explore the big story lines of the week that are filling Twitter timelines and cable news chyrons. They also check in with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for an extensive interview about his new book Beyond Charlottesville. McAuliffe, who was chairman of the D.N.C. in the early 2000s, shares some insight about his time as governor, digging into the politics of pushing for progress in a purple, Southern state. Hopefully there are lessons to take away from Virginia's 2019 elections as folks look ahead to 2020.