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The Tent

Jul 15, 2021

On “The Tent” this week, Daniella and Jesse debrief on the dire state of American democracy and the President’s speech on voting rights in Philadelphia. They also dive deeper into the sprawling January 6 investigations with Ryan Reilly, senior justice reporter at HuffPost, whose reporting this year has focused on the growing number of charges that have been filed against participants in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and the unique nature of the investigations.


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Here are some helpful links for this week’s episode:

“January 6 Clearinghouse: Congressional Hearings, Government Documents, Court Cases, Academic Research” via Just Security

“‘Sedition Hunters’: Meet The Online Sleuths Aiding The FBI’s Capitol Manhunt” via HuffPost

“This Is What a Real Filibuster Looks Like” via Mother Jones